concert paul lay

A Voice, a piano, a double bass. That is the sound I had in mind for this repertoire of songs and poems inspired by Nature and its treasures, so that I could create several moods and music as dense as aerial. All these works not only celebrate this Nature, its strength, its multitude, but they also describe Man and his state of mind through love songs.” explains Paul Lay about Alcazar Memories. Alongside with Simon Tailleu and Isabel Sörling, Paul Lay also introduces here songs from his upcoming album Deep Rivers, which dives us into the American folk repertoire, from the end of Secession War to the 1960’s.


concert gaelle buswel

Gaëlle Buswel has turned to 70’s music as soon as she had ears. When Led Zeppelin meets Joe Cocker and Queen while she was still in the cradle, when Neil Young and Janis Joplin are fighting for the baby bottles, the final blend is quite complementary. With already 3 albums and many tours overseas in the USA, Gaëlle Buswel shows her wide musical range with powerful tracks and sensual tunes, but always in American colours.


concert gunwood

Gunwood is Gunnar Ellwanger (guitars and lead vocals), Joao Francisco « Jeff » Preto (bass guitar, harmonica, banjo, percussion, vocals), and David Jarry Lacombe (drums, keyboards and vocals). From the Gladiators to the Dubliners and Leonard Cohen, any excuse is good for endless musical jousts. Thoses three guys, far from any nostalgia, were born in the good old times: the 90’s. Even if their deepest influences are bluegrass, folk and blues, they also widely listened to RATM or Radiohead. Their first album Traveling Soul gives an immediate smile. The pictures come, as well as beautiful and humanist values.


concert southern avenue

Southern Avenue is an American five-piece funky blues and soul band from Memphis, Tennessee, United States. Formed in 2015, they took their name from a street in Memphis running from the easternmost part of the city limits to "Soulsville", which was the original home of Stax Records. If Memphis is a genre, this is it! The fans of Sharon Jones and The Black Keys will find happiness in the Jackson sisters and Ori Naftaly’s music.