concert symphonicgospel

The Absolute Gospel Festival explores the universe of vocal expression and gathers around the voice a myriad of artists every year, composing a unique programming committed in the search of talents. Gathered under the initiative if Sabin Kouli, the Lyon Gospel Mass Choir joins the Vincent Gaillard’s Orchestre des Rencontres Symphoniques and a rhythm section to perform a colourful repertoire between traditional and contemporary pieces. The result is Symphonic Gospel at the Bourse du Travail of Lyon!


concert 99

In a very Cartesian impulse, the French administration has stuffed in bulk all the French residents born in a foreign country under the number “99”. There are the non-foreigners, the French born on the French territory, the foreigners, the French born abroad…  Marc Nammour was born in that “99”, that rest of the world, more precisely Lebanon. Like any other person born abroad and living in France, he was assigned this number: his department of origin for the administration. This is a ghost department; no one knows where it begins or where it ends.

 99 languages.

99 cultures.

 99 horizons.

 He draws in that classification an interrogation of identity, of identities.



concert fleuves

It may sound cliché, but Fleuves is THE band that exemplifies the new sound of Breton dance. They made so many festivals in Brittany you could not escape them. Organised on a clarinettist, a keyboards player and a bass player, Fleuves introduce themselves as a trio of “organic, dancing and fractal music”. They took the time to shape and sharpen a unique sound, respecting the Breton dance codes but opening it to allure the non-specialists. Fleuves is a moving and dreaming music to dance and to listen.



concert tsuumi

Tsuumi Sound System call their style « Nordic Urban Ethno », an 8-musician-ensemble combining many forms of world music with a surprising energy and a genuine virtuosity. All of them having different career paths, the 8 members of Tsuumi Sound System easily mix these various influences to Finnish tradition and add their own touch in their original compositions and unique instrumentations. One of a kind!