May 68 did not only happen in Paris.

In Lyon, on May 24th, the social conflicts led to the first dead. The passing of Commissaire Lacroix was the point of no return, radicalised the events and contributed to sway public’s opinion.

“It” did not only happened in Paris, the several “breaks of allegiance” that came forward during this time participated to a social dynamics that set the pace in Lyon the same way as in France, Europe and the whole world.

“It” has not been useless; many of this time’s heirs are still active, even if the legacy is sometimes carefully hidden.

This film tells us the “Mai 68” in Lyon and the memory the inhabitants keep of these events. 


Alongside with the electrifying DJ Maclarnaque, Audrey Lopes has not only got a wonderful soul voice but also has this ability to take the stage within all its dimension thanks to her singing, her music, her charisma and the dance that takes a peculiar and daily place in her work. Afrodite is both a thunderball and a sunlight, a well balanced electro blend, sounding like groove, soul, hip-hop and afro-house.




The call has sometimes appeared as an earthquake, was sometimes more discreet, underground. But these men and women accepted to answer it, dedicating their life to God. How to understand the strength of this Call? With testimonies interweaving with personal thoughts, the film drags us at the heart of the religious Call, in what makes it mysterious, disruptive, overwhelming and disturbing. Nurtured with archives, contemplative pictures and intertwined slices of life, we travel on a ridge trail. Each story brings us back to the source: The Call is a total gift of one’s life.



After her first dark and airy EP Chairs, Isla keeps on making lights of our troubles with her pure voice. She prepares a new album in which she sings in French and in English, spotlights the percussive instrumentation, as if she wanted to trample on our little quirks. The new chronicles of the thirty-year-old singer clearly confess her taste for electronica: someone of her time, cradled by always wider influences.