concert martaren

There already were Martha Reeves, Martha Wash, and of course Martha High… Here is Marta Ren, new soul-funk flamboyant rising star, made in Portugal. If she looks like a young lady in her alluring sexy outfits, the Porto-native singer was not born yesterday just like a furtive media fuss. In the 90’s, she slogged on in Portugal in an awesome combo named the Bombazines, where sha arezdy showed her hand! A glowing soul with 60’s deep funk tones, fostering with passion and respect the typical spirit of a golden age that, from Nashville to Memphis, from Chicago through Brooklyn to Detroit, has made this musical style a timeless god.

As for the future, we shall consider this new scenic bomb who, after 2 EPs, released her first album last year with her explosive band The Groovelvets, perfect digest of groove and velvet. I’m Not Your Regular Woman, album signed by the famous specialised label Records Kicks gets its name from the legendary Lucille Mathis’s hit, and uncoils under pressure tracks, temporised with some lascivious sweets de rigueur. We are close Tarantino soundtrack! Enough to make Lisbon rhyme with Daptone, in the purest tradition of a cheerful, punchy and hectic soul-funk. Sparkling horn section, thunderous Hammond organ, infernal bass lines, The Groovelvets bring the final touch to this irresistible vintage set.


concert freeriver

Free River is the result of the meeting of two artists: the singer Emma Lamadji and the guitar player Matia Levréro.  Emma Lamadji has always been steeped in Negro Spiritual. Gifted with a deep richly nuanced voice, and a stunning scenic presence, she restores all the strength and depth of the repertoire’s ancient tunes. Matia Levréro, guitar player and arranger is an open-minded artist; without any preconceived idea, he is only led by his feelings…

With a very expressive rhythmic and harmonic writing, the band enlightens revisited and intensified classics, enlivened by some original compositions in the same vein. Free River, with their long harmonic pads, between ardour and delicacy, transport us into their new musical universe, at once fed with soul, world, jazz, gospel and pop… rich of emotions and sensations. Free River give us something unique and unexpected to listen to, although it sounds clear evidence.


concert pipongarcia

Philippe Garcia, aka Pipon, is an emblematic figure making very urban electronic compositions, using the purest jazz tradition to make hybridisations he masters like a wizard. After spending many years in Turkey, this outstanding musician of classical training went to jazz alongside Don Cherry and Barre Philips. Then he was one of those who initiated the fusion of jazz and electronica – drum’n’bass, creating afterwards the Cosmik Connection in 1997. The drummer-composer and sample-king has played with Truffaz, Michel Benita or Laurent De Wilde among many others in the jazz galaxy, before he became Kptain Planet.

Always very active and inventive, the Lyon-native Pipon Garcia now performs in trio with two other great figures. With Tibo Soulas, a complete artist who first played trumpet before he turned to double bass and put his talent at the service of La Velle or Stéphane Belmondo. An inescapable voice joined this formidable rhythmic couple; Sir Jean, the charismatic singer of Wolof origin who marked the main dub and afro-electro bands over the past two decades, from Meï Teï Shô to Le Peuple de l’Herbe, from Ezekiel to Zenzile or Brain Damage or NMB Brass Band… In short a dream team in order to sculpt the original chaos and give a contemporary dimension to Pipon’s very urban compositions on which committed lyrics graft. Sir Jean’s mystical and mesmerizing incantations dropped on the drummer’s eery samples switch between frantic furies and mind-blowing intimism. An amazing performance that will thrill the curious minds.

societe routebleue

1945-1975. Charles Trenet sings the “Nationale 7” road, massively taken by the French on paid leave to connect Paris and the Mediterranean Sea. Back then, the national roads crossed cities and villages, not-to-be-missed touristic and gastronomic stopovers.  While the journey was an integral part of holiday time, the democratisation of the automobile overloaded the major public roads; this could quickly turn into a nightmare! In order to prevent the crossing of Lyon, the car drivers have been offered an alternative, sounding like holidays and freedom: the Blue Road. It is actually the National Road 82, which crosses the Loire department, via Neulise, the Forez plain, Montrond, Veauche, La Fouillouse, Saint-Étienne, the Col de la République, and joins “la 7” in the Rhône valley. This film spans generations. Between sociology, history and portrait gallery, the elders will remember with nostalgia these wonderful journeys while the youths will take a trip to their parents and grand-parents’ holiday.