concert gildasarzel

Unless he has been practicing baroque music or Bantu harp for 60 years, no contemporary artist can claim he has been spared by the American media’s fighting force and enticing treats. As a child, Gildas Arzel discovered an album by John Fogerty who, freed from Creedance Clearwater’s communitarian contingencies, gave birth to a project in a class all of its own, gathering the songs that touched him in his early years. We found there blues, rhythm’n’blues, gospel, bluegrass, tex-mex, swing, country, cajun, old-time…

Gildas just like Fogerty in his time, has wanted to help us discover these styles, all inspired by blues, which shaped today’s music. The vocation of his new album Greneville is to go back to the roots, hoping to rediscover some forgotten elders, from Blind Lemon Jefferson to Ralph Stanley or Pats Domino, Hank Williams among others.

In this widely open Pandora’s box, Gildas freely draw his inspiration, as much in his singing as in his guitar playing that was the heyday of Canada and his solo career. Then as a songwriter and musician for all the artists he has been working with for more that 20 years (Johnny Hallyday, Dan Ar Braz, Garou, Jean-Félix Lalanne, Roch Voisine, Maurane, Céline Dion, Yannick Noah…). With his two old friends Gildas Lointier (sound engineer) and multi-instrumentalist Christian Séguret, they gave birth to a genuine homemade album, fed with passion, expertise and creativity. Talent in short.


concert HilightTribe

At the dawn of a new era, Hilight Tribe breaks the fences with their 100% explosive natural trance live, which unleashes the dance floors all around the world. For more than 10 years, the Tribe spreads out the message of the natural trance, or « acoustic techno music » within a life close to Earth and aware of the current technologies. With 6 albums, 4 videos and 500 live performances to their credit, Hilight Tribe breaks new ground with a electro-instrumental sound where merge guitar, bass, drums, vocals, congas, djembe, didgeridoo and other percussions or string instruments from all corners of the world. The fine musicians and their sound engineer live between Paris, Brittany and the Baleares, but feel above all citizens of the world in a spirit of unity between countries and cultures.

On stage, the Tribe spreads out a frantic energy so that it can create a genuine osmosis between the musicians and the audience, rhythm and dance, futuristic sounds and tribal candenzas, the whole thing boosted by a powerful kick-bass. Every instrument is played live and connected to sensors or effects, creating this alchemy of modern and ancient sounds. Pioneers in a style that became a huge musical movement, Hilight Tribe invite you in a trip beyond time and space, where the spirit of the Roots come to guide the modern world to the path of Trance…


concert pethrol

The split between a good old nostalgic New Order’s track and the sumptuous and minimal melancholy of The XX gives you Pethrol.

The duet’s sound paintings picture both the endless Northern European sceneries and Berlin clubs’s black and white. Drawing its inspirations and sound as much from the 80’s pop as from the tribal rhythms and minimal cold and electronic music, Pethrol’s repertoire digests these influences with talent and character. If it sometimes sounds like The Knife, Kate Bush, Bjork or Hot Chip in the immediate ageless pop songwriting, the skilfully worked production and beats get it sometimes closer to its contemporary bands, thinking about Fakear or Thylacine.

concert elleelles

Because they are three, because they are women,

Each one of them has their own creative universe,

Because they write and compose in inspiration spaces that tell the world interbreeding, from blues to Latino groove passing by Caribbean drums, Chopin’s melancholy or funky pop,

They blend their voices to freely invent another world and music.

Because they belong to 3 different generations,

Because they are 60, 40 and 20 years old and they tell a past, present and future life.

Because they are mother and daughters, their voices blend and invent a path we can take together.

At the crossroads of their three views, there is a secret place where fear, doubts, pain and melancholy meet courage, strength, energy and love, love above all…

So they sing it

Each one attracting the others into her creative space,

Each one finding an intense happiness penetrating the other’s universe,

Because they are mother and daughters,

They break the taboos of difference, of age, of musical chapels…

Their music has a life that fed from the world, long before they were born…

So they wrote their words, dropped their sounds, and now sing them together,