concert elmerfoodbeat

Come out from nowhere during the summer of 1990 with the song Daniela, Elmer Food Beat has become a real phenomenon with its rock inclined to bawdy jokes. Gang of mates who love rock music, girls (above all) and good laughs, Elmer Food Beat multiply the anthology hits. Le Plastique c’est fantastique (Plastic is fantastic), La Caissière de chez Leclerc (The Cashier at Leclerc) or Est-ce que tu la sens? (Do you feel it?) leave no doubt about the band’s intentions.

For their coming back on stage, celebrating a fifth album and three decades of music, too good of an opportunity to miss! Even if the times have changed and today’s teens are less fond of these « elderly » ones’ singing bawdy songs with pouch briefs and plastic sandals, Elmer Food Beat knows how to keep a faithful audience. 30 years later, everyone has got a bit balder and fatter, but the atmosphere is still wacky!


concert celkilt

…and the Alchemist gathered the Air, the Water, the Earth and the Fire around the Muse. He passed them on the energy of rock, the ardour of Irish jigs, gave them fiddle, drums, bass, guitar, whistles and bagpipes before telling them: ‘You shall incarnate yourselves, you shall live, you shall play and you shall know the power of the Kilt’. So it happened and were born Celkilt, at the service of a festive, positive and energetic music. The Alchemist contemplated the immensity of his Work, thought ‘It’s wicked’ then went to the pub for a Guinness.”

Celkilt made themselves a reference among their kind, having fun trapping the French President on a Michael Jackson’s cover, daring to challenge the Incredible Talent of AC/DC and a symphonic orchestra playing Brahms, crossing irons with Dropkick Murphys, Tri Yann or Flogging Molly on the most beautiful international stages (USA, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Canada…). Self-derision, ardour and punch, their wacky looks between celtic and hard-rock are corrosive. The whole thing is festive, punchy and exciting, with only one purpose: spread the power of the Kilt!


concert loutavano

The unanimously and internationally recognized Parisian scene has raised the new It-Girl of vocal jazz. 30-year-old Lou Tavano releases her first album of original compositions, For You; this opus will go less unnoticed than her vibrant ginger hair – her effigy. With her so distinctive timbre, Lou Tavano has a real talent for interpretation. As a storyteller, she fairly depicts all kinds of emotional stories – some of them are very personal. We also find out a poetess, a word-lover, who recites with a remarkable phrasing her verses, both in English and French, but also in Balinese! The singer gets rid of the borders even drawing on Russia, as an homage to the Slavic roots of her companion (both in life and on stage, the pianist Alexey Asantcheeff), or on Indonesia, performing a variation of the Afro Blue standard in the Balinese version with traditional instruments. A borderless album, which is about the world and ourselves.


concert marthahigh

James Brown. Everyone know who the Godfather of Soul is. But one thing is certain: many of us still ignore the identity of the female voice hiding behind all Mr. Dynamite’s classics. This one of the most well-guarded secrets in the history of Soul music, is called Martha High. Her soprano voice has been supporting James Brown for nearly 35 years. Today, Martha High is “the hardest working woman in show business”. She now leads her own career, as main singer with Maceo Parker and is now solo singer with her album Singing for the Good Times. The eleven original tracks are produced and arranged by Luca Sapio, the soul ambassador in Italy, and remind us both of the golden age of Stax and the 60’s Italian soundscapes, Martha being the undisputable queen of this clever aesthetical mix. This new set confirms the undeniable talent of the lady and acknowledges her patrimonial status at the heart of the American Black culture.