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In the middle of the 19th century, they were just a few intrepid travellers to venture out in high mountains. A few years after Niepce's invention, a handful of men made their own this technological advance and invented what was going to be the mountain photography. By spreading widely the beauties of this unreachable world, the new art is the source of many callings to be mountaineers and significantly participated in the touristic development of these valleys once ignored. 

Joseph Tairraz, to whom is accredited the first known photograph of the Mont-Blanc in 1861, is a brilliant inventor who will share his passion to his descendants. For four generations, the Tairraz have transmitted so powerful pictures they gave rise to vocations. Joseph, his son Georges, his grandson Georges II and his great-grandson Pierre have told 150 years of the Mont-Blanc and the mountain through an outstanding photographic collection.  

Their work is a witness of their time, reflecting how men saw mountain. Ancient times, a dangerous and hostile world where even the most reckless tourists hardly dared to venture out, and a more recent world, brighter symbol of the nature and its practise.

news cyrano

In the end of the 19th century, Edmond Rostand's Cyrano de Bergerac is performed in the Théâtre des Célestins, in Lyons. Albert Chanay, parodist specialized in puppeteering, decides to pastiche it. Who, better than Guignol, can pay tribute to this character, with which he shares the bombast, the mischief and the love of liberty? 

Cyrano-Guignol de Bergerac has a complex about his lack of nose. He despairs of seducing the pretty Roxane. Unfortunately, she has eyes only for the handsome Christian, who loves her back. However he is not wit, and don't know how to talk to women. Hence he asks Cyrano, fine swashbuckler and smooth talker, to help him seduce the so coveted lady, ignoring the feelings Cyrano has for her. Inspired by his refined and completely sincere words, the sweet Roxane falls in love with Christian.

This puppet show takes the classical weft made of bravery and alexandrines, its lyricism and its nose tirade… But we leave the world of nobility for Guignol and Gnafron's world, their cheeky humour and typical buffoonery!