concert nox3

The French trio nOx.3 (Rémi Fox, Nicolas Fox et Matthieu Naulleau) and the Swedish singer Linda Oláh imagined together Inget nytt, « nothing new », a spontaneous and inventive creation. Their music is a blend of trance and delicious abysses where the loop reigns. It is childhood without childishness, the dream severed from the sweet landscapes and pastel colours, an intense and ethereal dream, a powerful strolling. At the centre of the stage, the singer holds the dream key when she starts speaking dark or light, so natural we forget all the devices.


concert nickelslots

The Nickel Slots take you on a journey through hard times and desperation that always carries hope that better things are just around the corner. With influence from early roots Americana music as well as a touch of rebellious ’70s punk, The Nickel Slots draw the line that connects Johnny Cash to The Clash. From the sentimental folk tune to the foot-stomping, raucous sing-along, their rocking Americana brings you back to a long-lost memory or shared experience of pain, joy, heartache, love, hope, and redemption.


concert loolie

Loolie & The Surfing Rogers offers a perfect blend of American soul, Californian surf and rock’n’roll spirit the band loves very much. You could compare their music to the perfect soundtrack of a Tarantino movie. But Loolie & The Surfing Rogers also is a mix of their lead singer with Kabylian origins, alternative French musicians and a common love for Jamaican and American black music.


concert Korsakoff

Geoffrey Grangé and Marie-Claude Condamin tell us Karl’s story, suffering with the Korsakoff’s syndrome. Karl is in pain, but drunk with life; deficient, profoundly affected by his childhood injuries; infuriating, endearing, delusional and accurate, consistent but unpredictable. After he thinks he got rid of his past life’s heavy files, under the mask of the Projectionist, he focuses his energy on searching for a mysterious manuscript supposed to show him a path to follow, or at least to reveal him precious and vital secrets. In The Lurking Fear, he rubs along with the vicissitudes of Time and with inevitable surprises of human encounters.