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Direction : Laetitia Chalandon
Genre : Documentary
Duration : 26 minutes
Format : HD

Comenius European programme “Individual mobility for students” gives high school students the possibility to have a few months of their school year in Europe. Britt, Maëlle, Anaïs, Anastasia, Nora, Véga, Line, Janisse and Line have lived this unique adventure in a high school in Italy. The 8 girls are young, dynamic, expressive, and above all voluntary. Welcomed in families, they face new social, cultural and school references. Diving into the unknown, they discover themselves, they grow stronger and more mature. Meanwhile, seven Italian students come to France. The teachers, the classes, and the parents of the 8 girls welcome these unusual presences that offer an opening to the world. Three months after, everyone talks about this human, cultural and educational adventure. The tale of travel, feelings, toll and return to daily life.

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