cdb les travaux personnels encadresDatasheet
Direction: Laetitia Chalandon
Genre: Documentary
Duration: 26 minutes
Format: HD

In 2001, the French Education minister Claude Allègre proposed a new reform within High schools: the TPE (supervised personal works). These have for vocation to introduce in the research work, in group, the empowerment in a long-term project and, above all, positioning the teaching a different way. Led as a compulsory option, the TPE’s notation matters for the “baccalauréat”. However, the TPE had difficulty to fit in the education. Castigated because of the lack of training and means, they were at the origin of many troubles and debates. Ten years later, the TPE is more or less integrated into the school landscape, but remain badly understood or badly exploited. Nevertheless, the TPE is a tremendous, didactic and human adventure for both pupils and teachers. Relationships to learning change, questions about traditional teaching are put, the beginnings of an educational micro-revolution are felt.

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