cdb hors sujetDatasheet
Direction : Arielle Mémery
Genre : Documentary
Duration : 26 minutes
Format : HD

This documentary, via the « director- narrator », set the stage through the writing and dives us into three workshops. The first one takes place on a barge with young students of agriculture who conceive a travel diary, mixing the hard exercise of writing and artistic works (painting...). The second workshop led by writer Mathias Enard takes place within the frame of the Forum of the Novel at the Villa Gillet in Lyon, for high school students of literature and science. The last workshop is about writing slam with the Verb Tribe, for middle school students of general and agricultural sections. We see how hard it is for these young people to let go to the writing game, to expose themselves, their fear to share feelings with their friends and teachers. Some of them also touch upon the blockages they face, sometimes due to educative exercises they may feel castrating. However, we see their real motivation to understand and attempt this writing approach. Some texts they wrote and read themselves, then recited by the voice-over, are really wonderful.

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