cdb petites musiques de europeDatasheet
Direction: Véronique Garcia
Genre: Documentary
Duration: 26 minutes
Format: HD

This documentary presents testimonies and experiences on the commitment of young people towards Europe. High pupils and students who mobilize so that Europe builds itself, but also young people who desperately make fun of this idea and others. Finally, young people who participate in certain actions, by getting in the feeling that Europe can stand for something. The vital lead of the documentary is made of time to think about this idea of Europe. This reflection begins knowing that Europe is out of order, the idea that it does not exist at the moment, except economically speaking and that this idea seems broken down since the disappearance of big figures as Helmut Kohl or Mitterrand. Then the movie presents sequences classified by themes: Europe by the exchanges, Europe by the culture, Europe by the dumping, Europe by the protection of rights, Europe by the commitment in democracy, Europe by the celebration…

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