CDB education ecoledesparents 1Datasheet
Direction: Christophe Tourette
Genre: Documentary
Duration: 26 minutes
Format: SD

The relations between the parents and school did not stop being a question for all education protagonists. Today, the places for learning are multiple: the school, but also TV, the street, the Internet … The narrow interweaving of the school in the society modified the expectations of the various partners face to a common objective: the development of the child and the pupil. Nevertheless, the implementation of means of active participation of the parents in their children’s life within the school does not solve all the problems of incomprehension and distrust which we notice in the sometimes difficult relations between parents and teachers. It is from this current situation and states of mind of the various protagonists that this movie wishes to loosen the themes of reflections and questioning on the place and the role of parents in the school.

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