cdb ma methode de revisionDatasheet
Direction: Laetitia Chalandon
Genre: Documentary
Duration: 26 minutes
Format: SD

Prepare a school test, an evaluation or an examination... How do the young pupils and students set there ? What are the methods at their disposal ? What methods did they make, do they use daily ? How do they get organized? How do they evolve according to the years and to the teacher and level’s requirements ? "My revision method " goes into these studious moments, in these moments of concentration and absorption of knowledge. Some people rather being alone, the others training with a friend, or more to take advantage of views of each and revise in the oral way. There are those who rewrite, those who read and who are helped. Those who want a method, those who are very well organized. And then, there is a teacher who tells us his experience and its approach. He brings ideas, working trails for pupils and especially allows them to understand what is the best attitude to be well prepared.

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