cdb cha un enseignement a multiplierDatasheet
Direction: Perrine Robert
Genre: Documentary
Duration: 26 minutes
Format: SD

What is an Adjusted Timetable Class (CHA) ? How does it work ? Do the children follow a normal schooling ? Who can enter it ? By questioning various protagonists, as the Office Manager of the artistic practices at the Ministry of Culture or the head teachers or the parents, this movie wonders first of all about what motivated the creation of these CHA. We follow then the everyday life of some pupils of the classes with fitted out schedules, the teachers, the speakers to know exactly their everyday lives and understand the organization that it implies. What will the future be for these classes, when the government wishes to multiply them, by giving the floor to the children and to the persons in charge of these programs, as well as to the person in charge of the national study on the inventory of the CHA and their functioning ?

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