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Direction : Arielle Mémery
Genre : Documentary
Durée : 26 minutes
Format : HD

The movie focuses on MEI (Medico-Educative Institutes), which welcome young mentally disabled people, aged 13 to 20 or more. “Become what you are” asks the question of becoming: become who? How? Voice is given to professionals who work within medico- educative teams. They are all unique in their team, and all work in line with professional values to educate these “disabled” teenagers. Through classes and workshops punctuating the testimonies, the film points out the “what you are”: intellectual disability that questions the teen’s diagnosis. From this diagnosis will ensue the Personalized Schooling Project: the promise of socializing, opening up to a possible professional integration. Regarding the “Become”, the young handicapped is not losing but winning his autonomy.

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