cdb une histoire de climatDatasheet
Direction: Véronique Garcia
Genre: Documentary
Duration: 26 minutes
Format: HD

The young violence is one of the major concerns of our society. No day without the media announce violent acts committed by young people and according to what we hear or read here and there, youth has lost every mark, every control and lives in the hatred of the grown-up world which, at best, it does not respect any more, and which in the worst, she wants to destroy. If we except the tragic news items with young people (inside as outside of schools), this idea that violence is very wide-spread in schools is due to the fact that primary, middle-class and high schools are places of what we could qualify as "small ordinary violence", as acts of incivility which can seem harmless remotely, but which day after day, cause extremely painful tension. And the atmosphere becomes more and more unbreathable.

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