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Direction: Jean-Pierre Bessière
Genre: Documentary
Duration: 52 minutes

Very early seized by the love of guitar, Louis keeps a dazzled souvenir of the evenings spent together with the gypsies and the flamenco guitars. At the end of his musical studies in Paris, he embarks on the SIXUN adventure. Several hundreds of concerts performed all over the world, in twenty years and nine albums. But the powerful souvenir of the flamenco tones that lulled his childhood has never left him. Thus, he is 30 when the guitarist dashes with as much enthusiasm as humility into the learning of this so particular musical culture that could be described as both art-music and popular music. Some studious years later, will be born the group JALEO. The talented Louis Winsberg, his circle of acquaintances and his musician friends make of this movie a lovely journey in a musical universe rich in this love for the South, that inspires him and which it transcends.

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