cdb portrait karimoucheDatasheet
Direction: Véronique Garcia
Genre: Portrait
Duration: 55 minutes 30 seconds

“Karimouche, Original packing" is a snapshot of Carima Amarouche’s career, singer, dancer, rapper, storyteller, adventurer who chats with Jacques Brel and Fréhel while rapping with Eminem and Missy Elliott. The movie roams through the explosive and unconventional universe of this artist and her walk-ons, Kosh in Beat-Box, Jean-Pierre Caporossi in the keyboard, Nora the sister in the management, and the others, by the author friend to the producing friend or tour manager friend. Because Karimouche’s story is family business, family of blood and family of heart, a big heart which is worth to Carima the enthusiasm of her public, and the gratitude of the French artists. It is punctuated with wide extracts of live, where Carima reveals its entire dimension, pulling the public in a whirlwind of music and humour.


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