portrait once upon a timeDatasheet
Direction: Chantale Joassard
Genre: Portrait
Duration: 52 minutes

At first, there was Miss White & The Drunken Piano. A cabaret-jazz-hip-hop trio already noteworthy. Two albums, the second one « Same same » as a mirror. Just like an emancipated Alice, they step through the looking glass and arise into a tale that had been written a very long time ago – 5 years precisely – from a cradle of told stories, of shared influences, of Rimbaud’s poetry, of Tom Waits’ cracks, Dylan and consorts. Instantly, the trio clear a new field of their musical genius. An unplugged genius that immediately draws emotions, laughs and the audience attention. From a riverbank to stages into the middle of nature, the Miss White also reveal their true musical nature. Cheerful, generous, bright.

Direct link : https://vimeo.com/94024003

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