portrait ferratDatasheet
Direction: Thierry Gerberon
Genre: Portrait
Duration: 52 minutes


In 1964, invited by the painter and film decorator Jean Saussac he met in Paris, Jean Ferrat finds out the village of Antraïgues-sur-Volane, and perceives the echo of a familiar feeling. He makes of this nook of Ardèche, in the Cévennes, his nest and will never leave it, as it is in unison with its deepest being. He finds in these landscapes as much as in the inhabitants a demand, requiring a truth of the feelings and an opening to others, which are the very base of his personality.

I’ve met a land, Jean Ferrat is an invitation to travel, to go and discover Jean Ferrat’s Ardèche, to draw this man’s portrait who recognized himself it this land of anger and freedom, in that preserved nature you have to earn as much as we love it.

Direct link : https://vimeo.com/189917915

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