portrait charlesfoucauldDatasheet
Direction: Caroline Puig-Grenetier
Genre: Portrait
Duration: 52 minutes


On December 1st 1916, Charles de Foucauld was murdered in the Hoggar region, Algeria. We are in the middle of the Great War; minds are busy with many things! Charles de Foucauld could have stayed into the shadows if René Bazin had not written his successful biography in 1921. Charles de Foucauld’s trace will never stop growing, until Benedict XVI beatified him in 2005.

His life (for a long time dissolute, military and chaotic before turning monastic), his gigantic work (he translated hundreds of Tuareg poems, after he wrote a dictionary in their language), his choices (towards the meeting of other people and other peoples) have dragged in its wake many of philosophers, theologians, scientists, geographers, sociologists, and have created numerous religious congregations availing themselves of his spiritual pattern. A very simple one, freed from all the traditional religious mysteries and dogmas, based on the most essential passion of his: the love of others.


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