Direction: Thierry Gerberon
Genre: Documentary
Duration: 52 minutes


The painter Jean Couty, who passed in 1991, is the most renowned artist of the 20th century Lyon school. From the first views of the Saône banks to the enlightened nights of Lyon streets, his native town is the background of a figurative work attached to social topics and genre scenes. He looks at the nature and his contemporaries with a great humanity.

Since the late 1950’s, Lyon has metamorphosed. The foggy city with dark facades, inward-looking, has turned into a bright and welcoming European metropolis, opened to the world.

The visionary side of Couty’s work is revealed in how he looks at his city. He studied with the architect Tony Garnier: he built his canvas thinking structure, volume in space, ratio and surfaces. Couty is also a witness of his time, showing the construction workers in the clatter of cranes and excavators building the city of the future.

Confronting the urban history of Lyon in the past 70 years to the painter’s eyes on the transforming city, this film draws the portrait of a sensitive freedom-loving artist, a great witness of his century by his erudition and his very personal vision of mankind.




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