cdb soc lesensvontleschosesDatasheet
Direction: Arielle Mémery
Genre: Documentary
Duration: 8 x 6 minutes

This project has been built around Design. It is illustrated by 9 « ordinary » objects stemming from the big industrial tradition (in particular the Loire river), under the glance of the 5 senses. « The way things go » cares about the way these « things » mark out and adapt our everyday life: the sensible, the plasticity and the know-how. The point is to understand how the designers innovate, aesthecize and revisit the features and practices of everyday life. Just like an inventory, objects so follow one another: the Swallow (legendary bicycle), the curlpaper (and other inventions about chocolate), the sparkling water bottle Saint-Galmier (Badoit), the stacked-shelving glass Duralex (in all French canteens), the ball of petanque, (touches of holiday), the revolutionary therapeutic belt, the Gégé Caroline doll (who can do anything) and the Eustache knife (from the French Revolution).

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