societe pays lointain pays davantDatasheet
Direction: Sara Millot
Genre: Documentary
Duration: 52 minutes

Raymundo and Mohamed have crossed the seas and oceans. Mateo and Tadeusz have wandered the lowlands. Tay and Melu have climbed mountains. These men have, all, one day, left their homeland to come here, in this dreamt Eldorado, this Occident that would jostle their track and drive the to this city they had never heard of: Saint-Étienne. In this city an elsewhere would be built, in this city they would find a job, a companion, a future. Another horizon could be drawn, another story could be written. The stories that are told are these of men met around a research on speech and stories of exile. All of them left in a rush, guided by their own will or by external events: conflicts, poverty or political risks. Six particular characters, coming from six different lands. Six countries far from ours by a succession of mountains, lowlands, seas and rivers. Six stories imbued with a strong narrative dimension, carried by storytellers able to give account of their own path.

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