societe minuit au picDatasheet
Direction: Fanny Vandelandelaere
Genre: Society
Duration: 26 minutes


For almost one century and a half, researchers have been observing, deciphering the mystery of the stars and photographing the sky and all its planets until the farthest galaxies, ready for the next great astronomic discovery. The Pic du Midi is an astronomical observatory known worldwide, an ideal observation site for the sun and the night sky thanks to a clean air and strong atmosphere stability. Its geographical position confers upon the Pic a peculiar light, its specificity and uniqueness.

Perched at 2800m altitude, are scientists still the peak wrecked they used to be? These men share their way of life with newcomers. Passengers who come to admire the incredible landscape of the Pyrénées massif for a couple of days. Three hundred kilometres of mountain range blow the visitors’ eyes out. They also discover the story of the Pic, the secrets of astronomy: a rich science in which amateurs still play an essential role in research. An unforgettable experiment for whoever wants to stay a night at the top, to contemplate the stars with the scientists.

In winter immersion at the Pic du Midi, we live alongside the cabiniers, hosts, cooks, firemen, scientist technicians and astronomers. They share with us their life conditions sometimes extreme, but especially their extraordinary daily life.

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