societe routebleueDatasheet
Direction: Véronique Garcia
Genre: Documentary
Duration: 52 minutes


1945-1975. Charles Trenet sings the “Nationale 7” road, massively taken by the French on paid leave to connect Paris and the Mediterranean Sea. Back then, the national roads crossed cities and villages, not-to-be-missed touristic and gastronomic stopovers.  While the journey was an integral part of holiday time, the democratisation of the automobile overloaded the major public roads; this could quickly turn into a nightmare! In order to prevent the crossing of Lyon, the car drivers have been offered an alternative, sounding like holidays and freedom: the Blue Road. It is actually the National Road 82, which crosses the Loire department, via Neulise, the Forez plain, Montrond, Veauche, La Fouillouse, Saint-Étienne, the Col de la République, and joins “la 7” in the Rhône valley. This film spans generations. Between sociology, history and portrait gallery, the elders will remember with nostalgia these wonderful journeys while the youths will take a trip to their parents and grand-parents’ holiday.


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