cdb jeunesse pourdefauxDatasheet
Direction: Aurélie Jourdan
Genre: Documentary
Duration: 26 minutes

Two young women go back home and discover with bewilderment that their apartment is empty. A shock that is going to bring these neighbours closer together and to pull them in an imaginary journey. What takes place then on stage is a phenomenon we can see in everyday life, when two children draw themselves out and communicate thanks to improvised games, following a brimming imagination. The children would thus go on the stage without knowing it when they play "not for real". It will be the starting point of a reflection on the “sham” used in performing arts. Two children are thus staged, and react on the themes evoked in "Windows". It is then a putting compared to the childish impressions that inspired this play, and theatrical explanations of the artistic team, by using means of science-fiction movies, in particular green-screen sheet.

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