cdb jeunesse danslecoeurdejojoDatasheet
Direction: Aurélie Jourdan
Genre: Documentary
Duration: 26 minutes

"Jojo at the edge of the world" is a funny and moving play in which a lonely and at a loose end teenager is going to make the learning of life, death and love. The movie "In the heart of Jojo" tries to extend the scenic space by revealing us what is behind the scenes and the mystery of theatrical performance. The spectator follows the various phases of creation of the play within the theatre. He is also privileged to witness surprising dialogues between the comedian and his character: so Jean-Erns and Jojo discuss their common points, Alexis tries to paint a portrait of agitated Billy-Juan which ceaselessly interrupts him ; and finally, Chris and Jilette talk about the deep message of the play : the one of transmission, courage and love…

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