cdb jeunesse ulyssemonpereDatasheet
Direction: Aurélie Jourdan
Genre: Documentary
Duration: 26 minutes

How to tell Ulysses’ adventures while they were written, played, illustrated so many times? How to interest the young people in this ancient story and to make Ulysses a hero? "Ulysses, my father" will show two faces of this character: king Odysseus staged to the theatre in a contemporary way and the Greek hero figure told by his son Telemachus. On one side, a role-play between a father and his son who let themselves go in the Ulysses’ fantastic story, in the world governed by gods, populated with monsters and with sirens. On the other side, an illustrated tale and driven by Telemachus’ voice. This narrative will dip back us at the time of Homer to enlighten the show with historical and bibliographical elements. We shall so travel through the Mediterranean Sea to live or relive the adventures of a mythical figure...

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