cdb jeunesse unarbresurlesplanchesDatasheet
Direction: Aurélie Boiron / Jean-Pierre Bessière
Genre: Documentary
Duration: 26 minutes

The pupils of the 3rd year of primary school of the Aqueduct school in Draguignan, during a workshop, attended a performance and met Nino d'Introna, author and stage manager of the play "The tree", and his four comedians. The pupils realized in class a mattering work concerning the play, they told the story in writing, each of them their own way, and realized drawings on the theme. We attend the confrontation between an alternately amused and amazed Nino d'Introna, moved by the freshness of the questions of a very cleanly fascinated public by the presence and the comments of the director, by the unveiling of the text secrets, but also those of theatre, lightings and machinery.

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