danse opusDatasheet
Video recording directed by Mohamed Athamna
Duration: 80 minutes

Choreography: Yaron Lifschitz
Circa & Quatuor Debussy
Music: Dmitri Shostakovich's string quartets

Deeply moved by Shostakovich’s string quartets, Yaron Lifschitz spread a wild and poetic dance, in between chamber music and contemporary circus. Because everything Lifschitz does is delicacy and sensuality. The show deals with the difficulty of being a body. The one that pains, struggles, falls and bounces back, gathers other bodies and triumphs by the strength of the group. Together, the Circa company and the Debussy Quartet offer a dynamic show, breathtakingly beautiful, strong and meaningful, where the individual, in his loneliness and fragility, never stops pushing back its limits... so as circus and music’s ones.

Direct link : https://vimeo.com/155359643

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