danse sacreDatasheet
Video recording directed by Stéphane Lebard
Duration: 67 minutes

Choreography: Stephan Thoss
Ballet de l'Opéra national du Rhin
Music: J.S. Bach, H. Zimmer, J. Naverette, Kronos Quartet, F. Mendelssohn- Bartholdy / Igor Stravinsky

Stephan Thoss evacuates the original narration of The Rite of Spring to the background while getting away from the dramaturgy. Here, no question of sacrifice. The dance serves the music, to the point where the dancer becomes the victim, the sacrificed. To Stravinsky drew his inspiration form the noise and the beat of the machines, exalted by the Italian futurism. Stephan Thoss applies these mechanics to the dancers’ body, and impose they challenge their limits... a furious and powerful dance for a sulphurous music, where aesthetics are alongside immoderation. In The Dark Chamber, eight dancers propels us into the cosmos, at the heart of infinite, dark and mysterious universe, where the man gets aware that his existence faces the immensity and the unknown.

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