cdb charles walkerDatasheet
Direction: Yves Faure
Genre: Concert
Duration: 70 minutes

Native of the legendary Nashville, Tennessee, Charles « Wigg » Walker is one of the veterans of soul music who took actively part in the birth of 60-70’s funk movement, recording sumptuous tracks for labels Decca or Chess. After long years of absence, Bill Elder and his band of ultra funky musicians, which was looking for a warm and powerful voice for their soul/funk project, have hired him: The Dynamites feat. Charles Walker was born! The Dynamites is the perfect equation of an explosive music. Much more than a simple mix-up, the fusion of these two elements has activated a real detonation. Now preceded with a great reputation on stage, they play a raw and authentic funk, the harshest and brass-coloured it can be: the essence of groove!

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