Direction: Julien Gourbeix
Genre: Concert
Duration: 90 minutes

Outstanding and internationally recognized Brazilian musician, Edmundo Carneiro has been sharing the stage with the greatest for more than thirty years. From the musical repertoires of Baden Powell, Tania Maria or Monica Passos to those of Higelin, -M-, Arthur H, from the jazz with St Germain to electro lounge music with Ollano or DJs such as Stéphane Pompougnac and Charles Schilling, Edmundo Carneiro plays his percussions with the same jubilation and prints his unique style on every project. On stage, he reveals his compositions and his work of rhythmic transpositions to the perfumed jazzy accents of Brazilian essences and his incredible precision. Creativity, lightness, spontaneity, magic… In brief, highfashion groove.

Lien direct : https://vimeo.com/58091979

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