concert charles walker plein feux 2013Datasheet
Direction: Yves Faure
Genre: Concert
Duration: 75 minutes

Filmed at the 2013 Pleins Feux Festival, FR The Nashville band recreates the classical sound initiated par the Godfather of Soul, James Brown. They accomplish the amazing feat thanks to the 70-year-old singer Charles Walker, who often opened for the famous funk master at the Apollo, more than 4 decades ago. Deeply rooted in the New Orleans style, bass and brasses give their shows an inimitable groove, mixing decades and styles, without sacrificing coherence. Groovy happiness reminding of Curtis Mayfield, syncopated beats in the James Brown’s way, ska frenzy and electrifying vocals show that The Dynamites feat. Charles Walker are not afraid of exploring unknown territories. What’s more, they do it with talent and indisputable finesse.

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