cdb La MacorinaDatasheet
Direction: Chantale Joassard
Genre: Concert
Duration: 60 minutes

La Macorina gathers around the same passion the mixed south-american music, Diana Baroni’s vocals and her musicians’ virtuoso elegance, and Alfonso Pacin’s Alter Quintet. The rhythmic arrangements offer the perfect harmony between these musicians, briven by the taste of improvisation between tradidton, baroque music and folk songs. On this contrasted land, music undoubtedly cannot be shy and La Macorina is the perfect example:  joyful, alive or plaintive, resigned or rebellious, mythical or colourful… This encounter is one of those that impress the European traveller crossing the south-American territory and moved by the sensorial world of this area. La Macorina offers to relay these emotions, landscapes, songs, smells, sounds from Bolivia, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Argentina or Venezuela. A walk between real and imaginary world to keep on exploring.

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