concert nymalagasyDatasheet
Direction: Sébastien Morizot
Genre: Concert
Duration: 60 minutes


They are nine, and each one of them carries a unique musical tradition. From every land of Madagascar, the musical styles inherited from ancient orality bloom in the Big Island and are more living than ever.
Ny Malagasy Orkestra is the living crucible from which these musical traditions are shared, rewritten, reformulated, reinvented, in order to carry to message of an artistic and human encounter. Their music gets richer from the past and goes down the route of new shapes of creation.

The musicians of Ny Malagasy Orkestra travelled across Madagascar’s high plateaus to reap the ancients’ music, find the rare players of traditional instruments such as the jejo voatavo, the lokanga from Antandroy land, or the kabosy. On stage, they rehabilitate Malagasy’s own expression modes: the rare Mikeas’ yodel, the music of the bush procession rituals, conveying a picture rich of sounds, rhythms and colours.

The gathering of the Malagasy masters, all from different cultural groups, claim itself from the fihavanana, Malagasy philosophy creating ties of solidarity, bringing peace and respect and assistance between the people of the Red Island.

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