concert shake shake goDatasheet
Direction: Sébastien Morizot
Genre: Concert
Duration: 75 minutes


Shake Shake Go is a French-Welsh quintet in a travelling mood. Their music, light and serious like playing children, is an orchestral folk, full of heart, soul and flowers. Listen to it and your adventurous heart rides in the meadow.

Shake Shake Go ranges from liberating strength, wishes of escape, exciting emotions and gathering pop anthems. Between Poppy the Welsh singing, and Marc the Britton composing and playing guitar, mountainous universe and maritime infinity mark Shake Shake Go’s music of these amazing landscapes and that imprinted their childhood. A travel for the ears, and the titles of their songs are the best illustration: England Skies, Take Me To The Sea, Teach Me To Fly or Doors to Heaven.

Anyway, Shake Shake Go is undoubtedly revealing this need of great spaces, optimism and possibilities; federative anthems around which we gather in these times where solidarity is strained. Shake Shake Go is a precious object that we cherish and caress with fingertips to let it reveal its thousand shimmers and reflections, insidiously, passionately. A musical pearl whose endless potential will haunt us for a long time. 

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