concert puts marieDatasheet
Direction: Pierre Simboiselle
Genre: Concert
Duration: 57 minutes


Fifteen years of existence, some recordings, solo getaways and some sprees in New York, Broadway or Mexico: Puts Marie nourishes a troubles past, between myth and mystery. It does not really matter, as long as the German Switzerland-based band makes everyone agree on its stage performances, abrasive and intense. A success owed as much to its musical quality as its unique personality, between a great rock’n’roll circus and a strange poetry theatre.

 Let by the charismatic singer Max Usata, hybrid blend of Freddy Mercury, Tom Waits and Josh Homme, the androgynous live of Puts Marie dives us into its trance made of crooner hip-hop, tinkered grunge, sinuous pop, mariachi groove and garage soul. Lascivious tunes go along melancholic choruses and brutal surges in this Mulholland Drive genre-bending rock cabaret. Those distressed love songs and this cold rock almost oppressive weirdly reaches the sun and manages to warm our souls up. On stage, their unpredictable performances led by the charismatic frontman never stop to seduce an always larger audience, now spreading way beyond our boarders.

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