concert i me mineDatasheet
Direction: Pierre Simboiselle
Genre: Concert
Duration: 52 minutes


Each performance of I Me Mine is a wonder to our ears. The trio is now in the flagship of the 60’s pop scene, but finely plays with its codes. Alternating crazy electro excerpts and psychedelic waves rich of vocal harmonies, the three boys offer us a strange universe where Syd Barrett has a drink with Clockwork Orange’s Alex. What is left from the Beatles? Especially the name, the haircut, and the very low drums like Ringo Starr.

On stage, they sharp their music as much as the samples with such a precision that a different atmosphere is created on each track. The rock is imaginative and immediate, with no timeout, dragging rough and penetrating emotions. Wear you best retro outfits, I Me Mine proposes a few precious minutes of a timeless travel on board of musical roller coasters: fasten your seatbelt!

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