concert mariana ramosDatasheet
Direction: Pierre Simboiselle
Genre: Concert
Duration: 60 minutes


Carnival jousting, morna’s nagging tunes, batuque’ stubborn hits, coladeira’s festive frenzy, illuminated with subtle poetry and a serene voice: Cape Verdean singer MARIANA RAMOS opts for the unplugged and the repertoire of her new set circles around the archipelago and its different multiple-inheritance genres.

While her voice, swinging from fado to blues, coats the whole venue, her feet liven the stage up with her samba/merengue hip-swaying; her childhood in Dakar arises when the rhythms syncopate. With her huge smile, Mariana Ramos is shining. Blooming like never before with a glamorous voice and a generous swing, she radiates on sensual and warm mornas. Flirting with jazz and samba, the pianist and arranger Toy Vieira, her old accomplice, accompanies her sunny recital, wonderful anthem to the creole woman.


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