concert la yegrosDatasheet
Direction: Yves Faure
Genre: Concert
Duration: 60 minutes


The fiery Argentinian singer La Yegros offers us a brand new colourful blend of chamamé, cumbia and electro that makes us dream and dance. The tiny woman with Afro hair and multi-coloured outfits gives off an infectious and boundless energy. Between tribal rhythms and languid ballads, the volcanic singer keeps on clearing the traditional sounds to drag them into modernity

As credible in rap, Argentinian or Colombian folkloric tunes as in her rare sentimental ballad, LA YEGROS makes hers and pave the way to a mixed and shining music, where intertwine the tambourines and flutes of the cumbia, the accordion and guitars of the chamamé and the very contemporary electro sounds. Her smiling and warm singing flow and her devastating “rrrr” rolling finish it all.



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