concert nicolas folmerDatasheet
Direction: Yves Faure
Genre: Concert
Duration: 60 minutes


There are two ways of making jazz: the first one is to maintain the tradition, to stay among insiders; the second one is to go to others, to pursue the big clearance. The trumpeter Nicolas Folmer has chosen his side a log time ago.
Musical alchemist of the modern times, thanks to his compositions and his soloist playing, making him a key artist of the international scene, Nicolas Folmer is knighted by his pairs (Wynton Marsalis, Dave Libman, Daniel Humair…) as much as by the unanimous critics and an always wider audience.
Considered one of the best jazzmen in his generation, the trumpeter is an insatiable sound explorer. Surrounded by boiling musicians, he spreads a powerful and communicative funk. Horny Tonky marks a major shift in Nicolas Folmer’s work. Very influenced by funk, soul and rock music, as much as by jazz and its sophistications, the artist assures a groovy programme, full of energy, positive vibrations and calling on both body and soul…



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