concert aj croceDatasheet
Direction: Julien Rivière
Genre: Concert
Duration: 57 minutes


Is it because he has known serious sight troubles in his early childhood that Adrian James Croce soon developed a real talent at playing piano, drawing its source from Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder?  Anyway, the singer (who is also guitarist) has begun his professional career aged 18 on B.B. King’s tours before making a name, or rather a first name.  We should recall that A.J. Croce is the only son of the American folk legend Jim Croce, renowned songwriter in the 70’s who ranked many hits in the charts before he prematurely died aged 30 – as many other music legends – in a plane crash. A legacy that his son, as his worthy heir, honoured in the most beautiful way, whether they are covers or his own compositions. Ry Cooder and Willie Nelson also appear among A.J. Croce’s great references who, since 1993, has released ten albums regularly and successfully awarded overseas.

With his voice reminding us of Elton John’s early works, his limpid blues-rock and his irresistible boogie-woogie, Croce Jr. is now, at the age of 45, one of the best ambassadors of these American rhythms, standing for a whole generation become mythical. This famous seventies’ soul he spreads everywhere, surrounded by musicians from the elite of those years. A dream cast that magnify sometimes sensual sometimes energetic, undoubtedly timeless nostalgic tunes. 



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