concert tribeqaDatasheet
Direction: Sébastien Morizot
Genre: Concert
Duration: 52 minutes


Tribeqa, Nantes-based quartet was born in 2003 under the aegis of the flutist Magic Malik, has become a quintet when they have welcomed a DJ producing an afro-jazz hip-hop. After four years of reflection, the band releases his last album Experiment in trio, blending the wooden sounds of Josselin Quentin’s balafon, the rhythmic precision of Etienne Arnoux-Moreau’s guitar and Jonas Le Fillastre’s energetic turntables. A great mix of unplugged instruments and electro samples, subtle dosage of traditional influences and current sounds that offers one of the most convincing alchemy, where shines a solar Africa. With its enchanted tunes, mighty beats and sparkling scratching, Tribeqa falls within a light, fluid and down-tempo groove, irresistible and “to be absolutely listened” as says one of their greatest fans, Manu Katché.


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