concert snowdropsDatasheet
Direction: Yves Faure
Genre: Concert
Duration: 60 minutes


Warning, oddity! There is some instrumental music much less silent than it seem. However, it is not meant to fill in silence nor overcome the void. The Snowdrops duet was born out from the encounter of the ondist Christine Ott with Mathieu Gabry. To the incredible sound palette responds the polyphony of the pianos, keyboards and synthesiser, between romanticism and minimalism. The two acolytes reveal compositions with a cinematographic dimension, always inviting you to travel. A mixed universe between jazz, neo-classical, chamber post-rock and improvised music; their musical wanderings expand space and time, into aerial surges and telluric dives. A complete onirism somewhere between Sigur Rós, Steve Reich, Claude Debussy and Keith Jarrett… Between unreal caresses, roaring maelstroms, cosmic breaths and astral dances, we get out from this musical journey both moved and astonished.


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