concert lambchopDatasheet
Direction: Sébastien Morizot
Genre: Concert
Duration: 60 minutes


Considered « Nashville’s most fucked-up country band », Lambchop is undoubtedly one of the most brilliant and unique band that arose from the 90’s. Their unspeakable blend of country, soul, jazz and avant-garde noise seems to awash with all forms of contemporary music. Inspired by the work of the Chicago hip-hop artists he met in the 80’s, Kurt Wagner keeps on excelling in proposing moving tunes and ageless melancholic ballads. With this new set FLOTUS, Lambchop conducts a drastic turn on which the band significantly modernizes its approach. Layered voices, hypnotic guitars, the band steps foot into synth-pop, krautrock, electro-folk in the Bon Iver way, but keeps its restrained interpretation and sonorous sophistication that characterize this great author’s work intact. Lambchop offers a gem of musical reconciliation, at the time that the “yankee” Nashville is becoming the new US hipster spot, outdoing a very European New York City.


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