concert marthahighDatasheet
Direction: Sébastien Morizot
Genre: Concert
Duration: 60 minutes


James Brown. Everyone know who the Godfather of Soul is. But one thing is certain: many of us still ignore the identity of the female voice hiding behind all Mr. Dynamite’s classics. This one of the most well-guarded secrets in the history of Soul music, is called Martha High. Her soprano voice has been supporting James Brown for nearly 35 years. Today, Martha High is “the hardest working woman in show business”. She now leads her own career, as main singer with Maceo Parker and is now solo singer with her album Singing for the Good Times. The eleven original tracks are produced and arranged by Luca Sapio, the soul ambassador in Italy, and remind us both of the golden age of Stax and the 60’s Italian soundscapes, Martha being the undisputable queen of this clever aesthetical mix. This new set confirms the undeniable talent of the lady and acknowledges her patrimonial status at the heart of the American Black culture.


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