concert elmerfoodbeatDatasheet
Direction: Yves Faure
Genre: Concert
Duration: 60 minutes


Come out from nowhere during the summer of 1990 with the song Daniela, Elmer Food Beat has become a real phenomenon with its rock inclined to bawdy jokes. Gang of mates who love rock music, girls (above all) and good laughs, Elmer Food Beat multiply the anthology hits. Le Plastique c’est fantastique (Plastic is fantastic), La Caissière de chez Leclerc (The Cashier at Leclerc) or Est-ce que tu la sens? (Do you feel it?) leave no doubt about the band’s intentions.

For their coming back on stage, celebrating a fifth album and three decades of music, too good of an opportunity to miss! Even if the times have changed and today’s teens are less fond of these « elderly » ones’ singing bawdy songs with pouch briefs and plastic sandals, Elmer Food Beat knows how to keep a faithful audience. 30 years later, everyone has got a bit balder and fatter, but the atmosphere is still wacky!


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